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Service Suite

With our service suite Employees can....

Work Wherever

Employees can continue to work outside the office. From home to travelling abroad.

On Whatever

Using any device on the same plan with security taken care of.

With Whoever

Stay in contact while out in the field.


of workers reported to have HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY levels when working from home and abroad due to BYOx


per Employee per year of savings can be expected from BYOX and FLEXIBLE WORKING


of business travellers take at least 3 MOBILE DEVICES on trips abroad


79% of employees would be happy to have an app on their PERSONAL PHONE to provide additional security

How it Works

The features of BYOx and an interactive example

1. Device Contribution

Employer Device Contribution

Based on the employees’ job role or ‘persona’, the employer may provide a device from the company device catalogue. If the employee would like to have a more expensive device, they will be able to pay the difference to get the device of their choice. If no device allowance is given by the employer, the employee can still benefit from BYOx and pay for the device of their choice in full or bring their own current device..

Paying for Device

Payment can be made as a single one off payment or three monthly instalments paid by credit/debit card.

Choose an option for Interactive example below

Employer pays for Device

Employee pays for Device

Employer pays a Contribution

Vodafone Smart Phone £100

Nokia Lumia £300

iPhone 6 £600

2. Tariff Contribution

Employer Tariff Contribution

Based on an employee’s persona/role, the whole amount or an agreed monthly allowance may be given by the employer to cover usage required for their job with the remainder paid by the employee. The tariff that the employee is on is Vodafone Red for Global Enterprise which is an optimised plan. Therefore employees are not required to select a plan upfront, they will be placed on the most appropriate plan at the end of the month based on actual usage.

Vodafone Customer Advantage

If the employer does not contribute towards the price of the monthly tariff an employee can still benefit with Vodafone advantage scheme where a fixed discount will be offered to the employee.

Paying for Tariff

Payment of the remaining balance, can be made as monthly instalments paid by credit/debit card or directly via payroll.

Choose percentage split of tariff for Interactive example below

Choose a persona for recommended Split

or Choose split manually


Employer Contribution: %

3. Ensure Security


Based on the employees’ job role the level an appropriate solution can be recommended in order to protect the data on the device as well as data in transit. Vodafone Mobile Device Manager and Vodafone Mobile Threat Manager are offered as an additional charge per month, which will be paid for by the employer.

Choose an option for Interactive example below

Opt in for Security

Employee Spend

Based on your input above & Tariff £40




- Employer Contribution

- -





- Employer Contribution (50%)

- 20





- Employer Contribution



Employee Balance

Employer Contribution

Total Spend

Solution Components

The online hub for employees. Hover over icons to view components

Device Market Place

Employees can use self service ordering from a dynamic personal catalogue.

Employee Monthly Spend Report

Shows monthly spend and cost to employee

Payment Collection & Reconciliation

Payment of the remaining balance, can be made as monthly installments paid by credit/debit card, direct debit or directly via payroll.

End User help Desk

Employees will have the option to login to a portal where they will be able to track and monitor usage and spend through reporting available.

Helping with Implementation

Here at Vodafone we have designed a unique customer experience journey to take your organisation through early introductory BYOx sessions, Understanding your current landscape and helping you Develop the correct BYOx strategy for you.

Based on a series of mandatory and optional steps, the implementation journey can be personalised to what your business needs.

Once your solution is designed, Vodafone specialist delivery teams will Execute and implement your BYOx solution, helping you to Transform your business and realise the benefits of your investment in a time efficient manner.

BYOx Introductory Session (Mandatory)

The purpose of this early introductory session is to work with you and validate the BYOx opportunity that exists for your enterprise. Once qualified, Vodafone Global Enterprise will allocate specialist BYOx resource to work closely with you through your journey and provide you with the information you need to validate your business case to implement. Additionally, Vodafone can run one of our Innovation workshops with your senior management if you want to unlock innovation in your organisation.

BYOx Facilitated Workshop (Mandatory)

This detailed working session with your key stakeholders works through all of the elements that have to be considered to design and implement a winning BYOx strategy for your company and employees. The output from the session is the BYOx Design Plan to complete the BYOx Customer Requirement Specification, including the next mandatory steps.

Vodafone Red for Global Enterprise Commercial and Persona Analytics (Mandatory)

Vodafone Commercial In Life Managers and BYOx specialists will work closely with you to design the optimal commercial BYOx Red tariffing structure and employee BYOx persona model for your business and employee needs.

BYOx Policy Advisory session (Mandatory)

Having worked with many customers on their BYOx strategy development, it is critical to develop your Mobility Policy to include BYOx to transform your business. This workshop shares our experiences and provides you with a framework to ensure your Mobility Policy will cover all of the areas required.

Customer Requirement Specification (Mandatory)

Working through the BYOx Design Plan and mandatory steps with you and your key stakeholders will result in a detailed BYOx Requirement Specification for your tailored BYOx solution. This will enable Vodafone to provide you with a comprehensive and personalised BYOx Proposal for your business case consideration and internal approval to proceed to contract.

Crowd Sourcing to Gain Insight

Throughout this BYOx strategy development phase, we can also offer a number of optional steps you may wish to take to clarify particular areas in your business, should you not yet fully understand them or have the internal resource available to do so. Examples of these include telecom baseline analysis, crowd sourcing end user research and mobility risk assessments.